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YOU ARE INVITED! Saturday November 27th 2004


BRING AND SHARE SUPPER AND CONCERT in aid of Diocesan Fund* for Destitute Refugees *Charity Number 249424


AT : St Gabriel’s Hall, 1 Oxford Place, Victoria Park, Manchester M14 5RP

(near Oxford Road, Wilmslow Road, Whitworth Art Gallery, St Mary’s Hospital)

(If late on the day phone for doors to be opened on 07990802704)

RSVP: Let us know names of those coming to either

Cath Maffia on  or 0161-773-7512

Or Hermione Lovel on HLOVEL04@YAHOO.COM, or 0161-225-4349


IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND please send a donation to the Fund using the form below, with cheques made payable to the Manchester DBF, marking the back of the cheque ‘Fund for Destitute Refugees’.


From 6.30pm : Collection boxes for your donations of dried and tinned foods,

 please check all are within “best before”  date

6.30-730pm International Bring and Share Supper (in Junior Common Room, see map)

                                + Palestine Crafts Stall, Darfur information and Sudanese art

6.45-7.00pm “Destitution in Manchester 2004, the challenge”

                Presentation and discussion led by Dave Smith, Burrows Trust (in JCR)

8.00-9.00 Concert in Chapel/Conference Room (see map)


                                    Dance and music from Bosnian Supplementary School

                                                Stories and poetry from moonlit nights in Africa

                                                Sri Lankan Dancing

                                                Uplifting music from the chapel organ

                                                Haunting sounds of the European flute

                                                                AND MORE still being arranged!

*Manchester Diocese

Fund for Destitute Refugees


“keeping hope alive”


If you had fled torture and persecution…

If you had arrived in a foreign land seeking protection…

If immigration law then left you with no home,

 no money, no food, no benefits and no right to work…

You would need somewhere to turn.

Manchester Diocese Fund for Destitute Refugees directly supports some of the hundreds of people in this position in Greater Manchester.


Please help us by making a donation by Cheque or by Charities Aid Voucher


1. Please make cheques payable to:  Manchester DBF

Clearly mark the back of the cheque ‘Fund for Destitute Refugees’

If you pay income tax please provide your name and address and state that you wish to ‘gift aid’ your donation. This will increase the value of your gift by 20-40%.


2. And send it to:


Manchester Diocesan Board of Finance

Fund for Destitute Refugees

90 Deansgate

Manchester M3 2GH                                  *Charity Number 249424

*Manchester Diocese

Fund for Destitute Refugees


“keeping hope alive”


 Cheques made payable to:       


Manchester DBF

Marked on back of Cheque:

‘Fund for Destitute Refugees’





Amount of cheque


I wish to “Gift Aid “ my donation and confirm I currently pay UK income tax (increases value by 20-40%)

Signature if appropriate

Is receipt required?


Address for receipt if needed






Send to:


Manchester Diocesan Board of Finance*

Fund for Destitute Refugees

90 Deansgate

Manchester M3 2GH                  *Charity Number 249424

MAP  to show Location of St Gabriel’s Hall