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                               In Greater Manchester

The Kurdish Association Centre in Greater Manchester,(K.A.C.G.M) was established in 2001 in Manchester, U.K. by Fazil Jamal Mustafa, to provide help and advice to the new Kurdish arrivals in Salford and Manchester and those who already lived in the Greater Manchester area. 

It has about 200 (two hundred) members and a Management Committee elected by those members.  

The areas in which we gave and continue to give support include education, immigration, health, housing, interpreting and translation, employment, social isolation, social meetings and events, political meetings, demonstration and protests; cultural promotion etc.

 We work in partnership with all the organisations and agencies in Salford and Manchester in order to benefit the members. Alongside helping the Kurds we have also been supporting other people from different nationalities e.g. Afghan, Iranian, Turkish and Arab.  

We represent the Kurdish Community living in Greater Manchester; this community originates from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Turkey, and elsewhere. We have established the Kurdish Association Centre in Greater Manchester(K.A.C.G.M). Our group is a proper group and has a constitution, management committee elected from the group and by the group, and databases for its members, regular meetings, activities, and annual elections. The management committee works voluntarily and spend their time, and money, they also use their personal mobiles to contact their members and sometimes they use their houses to have their regular meetings.  

The management committee has been, and is still, working very hard to promote the welfare of Kurdish people by working with other groups and agencies to provide advice and information about education, welfare rights, training, housing, health, employment, immigration/asylum issues, sport, art and etc.  

We are also helping our members to reduce social isolation by providing opportunities to meet and discuss matters of interest. Our group wants to promote the Kurdish culture within the group and the local communities. In order to share knowledge, our group aims to encourage involvement with other local community groups. On the other hand, on occasions, we also organise social activities for the members of the group.  

 Our membersí religions:

Muslim, Christian, and other religions. (and some local religions like Kakay, Yezeedy), which are the two main local religions in all parts of Kurdistan.

Our details:

Mob: 0044  77 6161  6535
















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